Full Service Stock Transfer Agent:

  • FAST/DWAC transfer agent
  • 15c2-11 and DTC referrals
  • EDGAR/XBRL filing
  • We are a full service Utah registered agent
  • Registered with the SEC under the Exchange Act of 1934.
  • Review and notice of all restricted transfer/legend removal requests. We will handle requests the way YOU want them handled.
  • Secure record keeping
  • Proxy tabulations

Specialized Software:

Our software was built in-house with the idea of our issuers in mind so we can provide specialized, useful information to our principals. Other transfer agents often provide extraneous and unintelligible information that is not helpful or useful to an issuer. By owning the software that we designed we can maintain lower overhead so that the cost is not passed on to you.

FINRA/Broker Assistance:

Over the past several years FINRA has made significant changes to the way it processes corporate actions as well as the way it requires brokers to clear certificates/DWAC deposits of Over-the-Counter corporations. We have particular knowledge of the information FINRA will require for corporate actions and what they will require brokers to review when accepting a certificate/DWACs for deposit. We can assist with corporate actions as well as referrals for certs deposits, 15c2-11 filings and DTC applications.

CUSIP numbers:

We know when it will be necessary to obtain a new CUSIP and what documentation the CUSIP Service Bureau will require in order to issue a new CUSIP. We can assist you in obtaining a new CUSIP whether for an initial offering, secondary offering or a corporate action.


We coordinate all aspects of any mailing whether for an annual meeting or mailing an information statement. Once you provide us with the document we will work our printers to take care of all printing needs and ensure timely processing. We will also mail to non-objecting shareholders to save your company money by not processing through a different, high priced vendor.


Discover why so many successful Issuers from around the globe trust American Registrar & Transfer Co. to handle their most sensitive and vital operations.


Having been in business for nearly 40 years means we have knowledge about what things need to get done and how to get them done right.

Over the past several years there have been a lot of changes in the over-the-counter industry, all of which we are well aware of. Constant updated knowledge allows us to provide an unparalleled level of expertise to each client.

We have numerous invaluable contacts at our disposal to refer your company to for legal work, 15c2-11 filings and Depository Trust Company eligibility applications.

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